Wellness Bag is a portable kit of accessories including resistance bands, handles and ankle straps. It’s a real travel gym for improving strength and flexibility.

Pricing is inclusive of VAT, 2 years warranty and delivery.

  1. Length (mm | in) 1200 | 47
  2. Width (mm | in) 500 | 20
  3. Weight (kg | lbs) 0,7 | 1,5
  4. Width (Folded) mm | in 500 | 20
  5. Standard functions

Training wherever

The Wellness Bag™ contains four types of resistance bands that let you perform stretching and strength exercises to train arms, torso and legs. Using different resistance band lengths, you can adjust the resistance and difficulty, as well as the intensity of the entire workout – ensuring you never work out excessively.


Wherever you go, take the Wellness Bag™ with you – it’s only 2.5 kg in weight and can easily be stored in an overnight bag or any other kind of luggage.

Wellness Pad

You can wrap the Wellness Bag™ up inside the Wellness Pad – a convenient mat with printed exercises on. It just rolls out onto the floor making exercising easy and private wherever you are.

A range of accessories

Thanks to the wide variety of options available, the resistance bands and accessories and Wellness Pad are easy to use, suitable for everyone and especially good for increasing your strength and flexibility – so you can carry on exercising wherever you go.

  1. Length (mm | in) 820 | 32
  2. Width (mm | in) 210 | 8
  3. Height (mm | in) 40 | 1
  4. Weight (kg | lbs) 1,8 | 4
  5. Width (Folded) mm | in 210 | 8
  6. Length (Folded) mm | in 390 | 15
  7. Height (Folded) mm | in 80 | 3

The first product of the Wellness Tool line; it was born as a true travel gym, characterised by small size, low weight and ease of use. Wellness Bag is equipped with four types of resistance bands and a number of fitness accessories, which can be used to train all muscle groups: upper limbs, trunk and legs. Using resistance bands in different lengths, you can easily switch between the difficulty of exercises, as well as the intensity of the entire training program. Thanks to its multiple applications, the resistance bands together with the fitness accessories are an easy-to-use toolkit for everyone and particularly suitable for stretching exercises, strength training and flexibility. The Wellness Bag can be comfortably stored in a suitcase and paired with the Wellness Pad.