ARKE™ is the best integrated solution for core and bodyweight training in any wellness space. The tools are colourful, diverse and designed to help maintain full freedom of movement and to exercise for performing day-to-day activities. Arke™ kit does not include the set holder".

Pricing is inclusive of VAT, 2 years warranty, transport and installation(if required). The transport and installation provided by Technogym are high quality services, with maximum attention to detail. Installation includes assembly and positioning of the equipment, testing and final cleaning of the installation area. The services can be booked on a specific day and at a time that suits you. ARKE™ Kit only. ARKE™ Set Holders not included.

Intelligent business solutions

Designed to inspire and motivate users, ARKE™ offers countless training options for both personal training and group training. It’s an ideal solution for trainers and operators who want to equip an

Technogym® Core Centric Training with ARKE™

The ARKE™ kit has been specifically designed to fit in with the new Technogym Ability Training system. Developed by our Scientific Centre, Technogym Ability Training progressively helps people improve their physical movement skills as well as increasing fitness levels.

Full freedom of movement

ARKE™ tools help with freedom of movement by improving coordination, stability, balance, flexibility, strength, speed, agility, reaction time, cardiovascular and respiratory capacity. The tools are perfect for all user groups due to their non-intimidating design and offer a wide range of exercise possibilities.

On-site training programme

An on-site educational training programme is included with ARKE™ to increase staff knowledge and introduce many different ready-made group training routines. Plus you get the Movement Guide and Visual Learning Kit DVD, which contains 265 exercises, 40 progressions and 7 pre-made routines for training programme ideas.

Innovative tools

ARKE™ contains several innovative products including the Water 8 Ball, Pendulum and Twin Clubs. All tools are divided into four categories and each category provides easy identification for the specific target exercise and provides progression from basic to advanced.

Elegant functional display

To maximise the functional environment, the ARKE™ kit includes a can be tidily placed into an optional display with an elegant and harmonious design that makes it easy to use the equipment. Two versions: ARKE™ Set Holder Wall and ARKE™ Set Holder Floor ensure an attractive, well-organised and safe functional space.