The Olympic Power Rack offers maximum workout versatility, allowing you to train multiple muscle groups in full safety. The product can be upgraded with a wide range of accessories to achieve a complete and effective strength training workout.

Available accessories (not included):

  • Barbell pivot
  • Multi-grip dip handle
  • Band 
  • Weight storage
  • Barbell storage
  • Foldable footplates
  • Corner reinforcements
  • External J-hook support
  • Toast disc rack
  • Lifting platform
  • Technique boxes
  • Holder Set

Comfort, safety and durability for top performance

Over three decades of extensive research in science and movement and six successive appointments as Official Fitness Equipment Supplier to the Olympic and Paralympic Games make Technogym th

Maximal modularity

The Olympic Power Rack sports a full set of accessories that extend training possibilities. Complementary accessories include: barbell pivot, multi-grip dip handle, band attachments, weight storage, barbell storage, foldable footplates, corner reinforcements, external J-hook supports, disc storage toast racks, lifting platforms and Technique boxes.

Adjustable settings

Thanks to the 6 cm step adjustment, each user can arrange the barbell and the safety bars in the ideal starting position.

Maximum Grip

The surface of the multi-angle pull-up bar undergoes a special treatment that adds more grip, so movement is safer and more effective.