Twin module is designed for a specific training targeting upper body, core and thigh muscles. Easy to use, sleek by design and highly compact, Plurima is suited to all kinds of environments, even with limited space.

Pricing is inclusive of VAT, 2 years warranty, transport and installation(if required). The transport and installation provided by Technogym are high quality services, with maximum attention to detail. Installation includes assembly and positioning of the equipment,

The smart, compact multistation

Plurima is a high-end product where each and every aspect is designed to bring your customers results in comfort. It is the perfect solution for the hospitality, residential and corporate sectors who want to&

150 exercises in less space

Plurima is the only multiple training station enabling a large number of exercises; 150 to be performed in a limited space – just 6.5 square metres which includes 18 strength machines.

Intelligent technology

A QR Code on each machine can be scanned with a smart phone to access a library of exercises, including videos showing correctly performed exercise routines. Wherever you train, access your Wellness account via the mywellness® cloud platform and share your routines and results with other users and personal trainers.

Modular & versatile

Because Plurima is compact and modular with several different configurations, it can be installed in confined spaces while its stylish design blends in perfectly with the range of Technogym equipment.

Shock Absorbing Handles

The Shock Absorbing Handle is an innovative Technogym device installed at grip ends to prevent damage to the outer casings if you let go abruptly.

Ergonomic lines

Plurima has ergonomic lines that naturally follow all your movements while you train, making it easier to use. It is finished with premium quality materials to make working out a more comfortable and altogether more pleasurable experience.

  1. Length (mm | in) 2260 | 89
  2. Width (mm | in) 1680 | 66
  3. Height (mm | in) 1730 | 68
  4. Press/Overhead Press - Weight stack (kg | lbs) 60 | 120
  5. Minimum operational space (mq | sqf) 6 | 65
  6. Machine total weight (kg | lbs) 430 | 948
  7. Footprint (sqm | sq.f) 3,8 | 41
  8. Core/Leg Extension/Curl - Weight stack (kg | lbs) 60 | 120