The Shoulder Press movement replicates the overhead press in the frontal plane and is ideal to build muscles on the deltoids, triceps and upper trapezius.

Ceny zawierają podatek VAT, dwuletnią gwarancję, transport i instalację (jeśli jest wymagana).

Transport i instalacja dostarczane przez Technogym są usługami wysokiej jakości, z maksymalną dbałością o szczegóły.

Instalacja obejmuje montaż i pozycjonowanie sprzętu, testowanie i końcowe czyszczenie obszaru instalacji.

Usługi można rezerwować w określonym dniu i w czasie – takim, który Ci odpowiada.

Equipment that makes stronger, keeps safer, lasts longer.

Over three decades of extensive research in science and movement and 6 successive appointments as Official Fitness Equipment Supplier to the Olympic and Paralympic Games make Technog

Bodyprint system

All paddings are made from special high-density foam that adapts anatomically to the shape of the body providing maximum comfort and a beneficial stabilising effect during exercise.

Pure grip

Push and pull movements become more effective and comfortable with the new handgrip design that distributes the load more evenly. Markings show correct hand positioning and the grained texture of the surface increases grip and prevents lateral slipping. The special aluminum, copper and silicon alloy ensures maximum durability.

Best Workload Distribution

We tested a large number of users of different sizes and analysed the results to obtain the best workload distribution according to movement trajectory and the optimum torque throughout the complete range of motion. A spring counterbalance on each arm reduces the starting resistance to 500 grams (approx. 1 lb).

Innovative visual set up

All settings - buttons, levers, pins and the "Visual Flags" markers - are bright yellow and easily recognised, so that even inexperienced members will immediately spot them and be able to set up their personal settings on their own.

More Balanced Strength

Independent movement arms provide more balanced strength improvement and offer the choice of training one arm at a time.

  1. Length (mm | in) 1290 | 51
  2. Width (mm | in) 1260 | 50
  3. Height (mm | in) 1485 | 58
  4. Weight (kg | lbs) 140 | 308
  5. Max Load (kg | lbs) 200 | 441