Tone and strengthen specific muscles in a safe, effective, and controlled way with Shoulder Press Inclusive. It is IFI certified for strength training for users with sensorial, cognitive or physical disabilities.

Ceny zawierają podatek VAT, dwuletnią gwarancję, transport i instalację (jeśli jest wymagana).

Transport i instalacja dostarczane przez Technogym są usługami wysokiej jakości, z maksymalną dbałością o szczegóły.

Instalacja obejmuje montaż i pozycjonowanie sprzętu, testowanie i końcowe czyszczenie obszaru instalacji.

Usługi można rezerwować w określonym dniu i w czasie – takim, który Ci odpowiada.

Helps train these muscles:

  • Deltoids
  • Triceps

The machine is recommended for:

  • Specific training of the shoulder and back muscles
  • Stability of the shoulder joint
  • Correction of trunk and arm muscle imbalance

Exclusive design, comfort & certification

The Element+ Inclusive range consists of products designed to be accessible both to disabled and able-bodied users. Inclusive equipment is IFI certified and a 93/42 EEC certified device. Inclusi

Swing away seat

Element+ Shoulder Press Inclusive is fitted with a swing away seat that can easily be removed, even by wheelchair users, and with additional handgrips, that allow the machine to be used without exerting the shoulders.

Easier recognition

The numbers on the weight stack and indicating seat-height adjustments are tactile for visually impaired users.

Training comfort for all users

Additional lower handles encourage wheelchair users to start exercising in a correct position.

Smart Pin

An optional Smart Pin, bright yellow for easier recognition, is integrated into the top of the weight stack and allows you to select an additional incremental plate that is half the weight of those in the rest of the stack. This makes it possible for you to gradually increase the load.

  1. Length (mm | in) 1440 | 57
  2. Width (mm | in) 870 | 34
  3. Height (mm | in) 1420 | 56
  4. Weight Stack Oversize (kg | lbs) 100 | 200
  5. Weight Stack (kg | lbs) 80 | 160
  6. Total Weight (kg | lbs) 190 | 419
  7. 93/42/EEC certifications Yes