Ideal for strengthening and toning gluteal and thigh muscles, Abductor MED can help you prevent and treat hip problems and make your legs more efficient. It’s a professional product specifically designed for rehabilitation and sport.

Ceny zawierają podatek VAT, dwuletnią gwarancję, transport i instalację (jeśli jest wymagana).
Transport i instalacja dostarczane przez Technogym są usługami wysokiej jakości, z maksymalną dbałością o szczegóły.
Instalacja obejmuje montaż i pozycjonowanie sprzętu, testowanie i końcowe czyszczenie obszaru instalacji.
Usługi można rezerwować w określonym dniu i w czasie – takim, który Ci odpowiada.

Helps train these muscles:

  • Abductor muscles

The machine is recommended for:

  • Improving and strengthening abductor muscles
  • Prevention and treatment of joint and muscle problems in the hips and pelvis
  • Improving the efficiency of the legs

High quality sport & medical fitness equipment

Abductor MED is part of the Selection MED range, which is the largest range of certified medical equipment. This is a professional product suitable for gyms and medical facilities, such as&

Medical certification

Abductor MED has earned the 93/42 EEC Certification that guarantees the highest standards of quality and reliability. And the new safety guard provides maximum protection and comfort.

New protection systems

The new protection systems and explanatory stickers applied at various points on the equipment are designed to help you avoid accidents or entrapping fingers.

Biomechanically designed

The ergonomic design keeps you in the correct position throughout the entire range of motion ensuring optimum posture, balance and safety. It’s ideal if you need to recover after surgery or injury, want to prevent joint problems, even at an advanced age, or if you're an athlete and want to strengthen muscles more intensely.

Innovation & versatility

Thanks to the innovative features and numerous settings – made extremely visible by the yellow colour coding - this equipment has a range of applications, from highly specific protocols to high-performance athletic training, enabling treatment for a wide range of users.

  1. Length (mm | in) 1400 | 55
  2. Width (mm | in) 850 | 33
  3. Height (mm | in) 1195 | 47
  4. Weight Stack Oversize (kg | lbs) 100 | 200
  5. Weight Stack (kg | lbs) 70 | 140
  6. 93/42/EEC certifications Yes