Shoulder Press is the ideal equipment to exercise the shoulders and arms with maximum safety from a comfortable, ergonomic sitting position.

Ceny zawierają podatek VAT, dwuletnią gwarancję, transport i instalację (jeśli jest wymagana).

Transport i instalacja dostarczane przez Technogym są usługami wysokiej jakości, z maksymalną dbałością o szczegóły.

Instalacja obejmuje montaż i pozycjonowanie sprzętu, testowanie i końcowe czyszczenie obszaru instalacji.

Usługi można rezerwować w określonym dniu i w czasie – takim, który Ci odpowiada.

Helps train these muscles:

  • Deltoids
  • Triceps

The machine is recommended for:

  • Specific training of the shoulder muscles

High quality sports & medical fitness equipment

Shoulder Press MED is part of the Selection MED range, which is the largest range of certified medical equipment. This is a professional product suitable for gyms and medical facilities, s

Exercising variety

The two arms have an independent action for increased coordination and the plane of movement is slightly in front of the shoulders to decrease shoulder impingement.

Maximum safety & comfort

The Neutral grip handles enable an alternative exercise position to ensure optimum protection of the shoulder joints.

Innovation & versatility

Thanks to the innovative features and numerous settings – made extremely visible by the yellow colour coding - this equipment has a range of applications, from highly specific protocols to high-performance athletic training, enabling treatment for a wide range of users.

Medical certification

Shoulder Press MED has earned the 93/42 EEC Certification that guarantees the highest standards of quality and reliability. And the new safety guard provides maximum protection and comfort.

  1. Length (mm | in) 980 | 39
  2. Width (mm | in) 1307 | 51
  3. Height (mm | in) 1489 | 59
  4. Weight Stack Oversize (kg | lbs) 95 | 190
  5. Weight Stack (kg | lbs) 65 | 130
  6. 93/42/EEC certifications Yes